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Arash Younessi


Understanding different cultures, connecting to people and building bridges worldwide is my passion. That is the reason why I decided to work in the field of International Sales & Marketing of Medical Devices. My experience in the field of aesthetics, plastic surgery and dermatology goes back to the early 2000. I started my career at the Asklepios Chain Germany (Internal Medicine), followed by ABX/GSK (Project Manager) Dresden in Germany and Nova Biomedical USA (Product Manager Germany and European Study Coordinator). After my study Master of Business Administration (MBA), I joined Adoderm Germany (Director Sales Marketing). Working internationally for the past 12 years, I successfully developed new markets, built up relationships and bridges between partners, distributors and doctors worldwide. These experiences benefits NovaCutis and made it a successful international company. Sincerely yours

Rebecca Steine

Operations Officer

Despite being a young professional, I could already collect many international experiences throughout my studies, which were essential not only for my personal, but also for my professional development. During my six-month internship at emoji® in Madrid, Spain, I was able to gain a lot of experience in the marketing and business development sector and also gained insights into the distribution policy and the financing of start-up companies. In addition to the management skills I obtained, I was able to improve my Spanish language skills, which are indispensable when dealing with customers and business partners worldwide. Over the course of my undergraduate studies, I spent another half a year abroad in Seoul, South Korea and I would like to build on this pronounced internationality, which is guaranteed by the NovaCutis’ international cooperation partners and events. I want to expand my insight and understanding of international markets, developments, dynamics and relationships, which is why I plan to start a Masters program, in order to obtain my MBA.

Johanna Sarmiento

Office Manager

I had been working in customer services field around 8 years. Interacting with customers from diverse cultures, makes me learn how to treat and help the different type of customers. During this time, I got experience and know the important about the customer’s satisfaction for a company. Additionally, I have experience in administrative field and education in human resources; this knowledge gives me guidelines on how to manage and create a companionship environment to make your work successful. I’m enthusiastic to be part of NovaCutis team, to contribute with creativity and organizational skills to achieve the company goals and make it a prosperous enterprise.

Stephen Inglese

Quality Manager

Energetic diversified professional with extensive experience in quality accountabilities, technical management, customer service management, project management and systems analysis. Proven ability to achieve successful results regarding ISO requirements and FDA regulatory needs. Projects involving technical implementation, customer satisfaction and dashboard development. Possess a strong sense of leadership with the ability to motivate and develop staff. Managed teams in various conceptual environments; specifically departmental and cooperative.

Thomas Schneider

Administrative Assistant

Young and still relatively new to professional life, I am causing a breath of fresh air in our company. I am currently in the middle of my dual business administration studies and work at NovaCutis alongside to my lectures. Primarily, I want to be involved in the growth and development of a high-potential company, as well as gaining experience that will be of great benefit to me during my professional career. These possibilities are unconditionally given at NovaCutis. Most people can not avoid to grin or frown when they hear what branch I’m in with my company. In fact, I have never really dealt with hyaluronic products before. Ultimately it is more about understanding business contexts that emerge in practice and, ideally, being able to apply them gradually with the help of my acquired study content. After graduation in 2015, I decided to go to Australia for a year. I was able to gather valuable experience there, get to know many people from other cultures and above all improve my English skills significantly. Among other things, these features help me with my work at NovaCutis. I look forward to getting in contact with you.

Reference Doctors


Dr. Frank Schemeit

"Liquidimplant is a preferred choice for facial contouring and rejuvenation. Excellent injectability and superb tissue integrity lead to the possibly best natural results."

Dr. Sabine Zenker

"Liquidimplant fillers meet doctors needs in order to accomplish patient satisfaction. High quality, ideal viscoelasticity and injectability result in perfect lifting capacity to manage best performance."

Dr. Montaha Jasserand

"My experience with Liquidimplant family of products:
Practical, easy injectable and immediate results! A safe filler which satisfies patient and doctor!"

Dr. Olga Tsurcan

"Liquidimplant meets the highest standards in HA for facial rejuvenation. Easy injectability allows smooth treatment."

Conclusion: Perfect Filler

Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez

"Great Quality HA Filler for the highest patient satisfaction."

Dr. Mekan Orazov

"Liquidimplant: Because of the quality and the formulation, Liquidimplant is a brilliant tool to deliver natural aesthetic results."

Dr. H.A. Najafi

"High quality, excellent volume effect with SubCutis, and natural aesthetic results. Liquidimplant is the best hyaluronic acid filler I have ever worked with!"

Dr. Lilit Tumanyan

"Because of their high quality, durability and the minimal downtime for patients, Lquidimplant fillers are superior products that satisfy both patients and doctors."

Dr. Elena Starkova

"I like to work with Liquidimplant family of products, because they are easy to inject, and at the same time long lasting HA fillers!"